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TowelRoot  is an Android rooting has always been a talkative topic for the tech geeks. An amazing android rooting technique developed by white hat hacker (White Hat Hacker=Hacking for Good Cause) George Hotz popularly known as ‘geohot’. For a short description of him, he is the guy jailbrocked iPhone & even PS3.

Well this launch of TowelRoot has created a big buzz among the Android tweaking community. As devices whose root has not been achieved till date can be rooted by using this method. It is simpler than eating a candy, rooting can be done just by installing an app named ‘TowelRoot’. George talked about his finding on xda-developers & on his website ‘’ he has hosted the .apk file for towelroot app.

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Before talking a deep dive on this application, let’s take a small tour for those having doubts about root.

What is Root or Rooting a Device?

In short, rooting means getting access of the device’s all files & directories. Normally by default one cannot access all kind of files & directories of their device and the reason is- who knows if a novice user makes it unusable by changing crucial files accidently. So to prevent the user’s loss manufacturers do not let users access all files & directories.

Another reason by default devices are ‘unrooted’ is to prevent you download unauthorized apps or sometimes manufacturers provides apps that cannot be uninstalled by your choice.

By rooting a device one can customize it according to their need, change the OS working system, even can make changes to the processors working technique.

What is TowelRoot?

By taking advantage of the loop holes in the kernel of the android, TowelRoot download gains root access. For your better knowledge, the kernel of the android is based on Linux that actually works as a communicator between the operating system & the hardware. The kernel basically translates the software’s requests into processor readable commands (known as machine level language) & vice-versa. As all the devices are using different equipment, each of them will be having a singular (unique) kernel but as long as the OS is andoird, some key components of the kernel are present that are not likely to be changed.

This is the TowelRoot apk download made a big buzz among the tech community. People were highly excited as TowelRoot can root almost all android devices without any headache by using simply an app. Can it be easiest? Well I don’t think so. TowelRoot has changed the way of rooting devices. Remember doing it by providing commands and uploading required files from a pc to the device, complicated.  All you just need to do now- download the app and move your figures couple of times and rooting is done.

Pros of using TowelRoot for rooting your Android device:

  • Very easy to use, even for novice.
  • It is totally free of cost.
  • Root-only apps.
  • You can download the upcoming-latest version of android even before it knocks your device.
  • Amazing performance, very efficient, super light weighted & better battery life.
  • Custom ROMS- can change the appearance of your device & you can totally get a different feel.


Cons of using TowelRoot for rooting your Android device:

  • Security risk.
  • Forget the warranty.
  • Only for Kitkat.
  • For HTC & Motorola, it doesn’t work.
  • Once you have used it, no way to unroot.

Download Towelroot App 

  • Download Towelroot
  • Go to the link mentioned above.
  • You will see an option for changing language placed right up the corner. Click there and select the required language.
  • You can see a download option upper middle of the page.
  • Enjoy your application.


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