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QooApp  is the Place Where You Can Download Japanese, Chinese and Korean Region-Locked Games on Android. When it is about downloading some globally available game, we all know how easy it is, just search-download and install and it is ready to entertain you. But some games come with a particular reason accessibility system. Not only the language of these games differ but also the approach. And the reason is the developers do not want the same version of the game to be distributed globally so either they launch different version of it for different countries or may be region-lock the game, means one can download the game from a particular reason only.

QooApp  apk  If you list out the technically advanced countries of recent times, Japan, china, Korea will surely belong to the first row. And undoubtedly hundreds of companies from these tech countries releases thousands of amazing games though many of them are region-locked because of certain reasons. But it is definitely not impossible to enjoy these games if you do not belong to the region. Basically you can download these Japanese, Chinese & Korean region-locked games using any of the two safe approaches mentioned below.

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The first approach is by changing the phone’s VPN to that particular country’s IP address. And the second & simplest way is by using the QooApp iOS.

Remember, using a third party market to download these games is very risky as there are chances to get attacked by viruses & other enemies. In this article I will be discussing about the 2nd approach of downloading these region-locked Japanese, Chinese or Korean games.

How to download Japanese, Chinese or Korean region locked games? Well download QooApp. That’s it.

What is QooApp Pc: As the name suggest, QooApp is an app that lets you download the hot favourite & popular games from China, Korea & Japan. The latest version of QooApp has included Indie games too. As all the games here directly downloaded from Google Play’s server, you can blindly trust its safety.

QooApp also provides information about the upcoming games. Rating system is also available here, so you can easily judge which game is largely favourite.

The QooApp International Version lets you access it with 11 different language including English, so you surely don’t need to worry about downloading the right app version of it.

How to install QooApp:

  • Download Qooapp
  • Go to the link mentioned above.
  • You will see an option for changing language placed right up the corner. Click there and select the required language. Click English if you are comfortable with it.
  • (As you can see all the contents of the page have been translated to the selected languages)
  • You can see a download option upper middle of the page. Click there.
  • A comparatively light weighted file sized 10MB only will be downloaded. Install it and you are ready to download your favourite Japanese, Korean or Chinese games.

Taking a short tour of the website is recommended, it will give you better idea about the way it works.

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