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Are you searching for wonderful SMS Bomber for an Android smartphone? If yes, then you should usee app called BOMBitUP which is also supported by International Mobile numbers. One of the most excellent SMS Bomber to make prank for friends as well as relatives by sending bulk Messages to their mobile number. The finest thing is you are not exposed after sending multiple messages to the victim. This app helps you perform the job anonymously.

Do you want to send mass bulk messages to make your friends and relatives cry/happy? Then there is the perfect solution, BOMBitUP Apk. Bombitup is a text bomber app. The app helps you make prank of your friends as well as make fun of your circle. We call it an SMS Bomber Apk for android.

BombItUp App is a useful application which is utilized to forward bulk messages to a single phone number at a time to stuff the message box with a large number of SMS. The SMS Bomber application’s mechanism is as similar to the traditional SMS service as well as it works the same way.

The only dissimilarity between both of these is that SMS bomber just duplicates the same text and sends to a phone number several times on a large scale. Though the SMS does not perform any damage to the smartphone it’s just that people often utilize the SMS bomber Apk just to have fun as well as nothing else.

This extraordinary application developed by Sanchit Gera from India. Formerly it has very few features such as only bombing messages to only Indian telecom services, but now it has some wonderful features that will help you to bomb the text messages in US telecom services as well as UK telecom services also.  Not only this application will be aiding you to bomb the text messages, but also this is helpful for Email bombing. The latest update has this feature that will aid you to take revenge on Spam Mailers.

This android app is mostly utilized for pranking as well as recreational purposes. Previously there is large number of Websites offering the similar service which is intentionally the similar purpose. But those are now not updating the API’s of SMS sending services. So, several of the websites got shut down. BOMBitUP apk is obtaining latest updates from the developer whenever anyone of the API is not working. The developer updates the BOMBitUP Apk with latest appropriate API. BOMBitUP Apk is the wonderful one you should go for.

Features BOMBitUP

  • SMS Bomber or Sms Blast
  • Free SMS
  • International Bomber (U.K, USA, Pakistan, Philippines Nepal as well as more will be added soon)
  • Customize SMS Bomber (You may easily type the message to be blasted)
  • Email Bomber
  • Call Bomber (Send Anonymous calls to someone)
  • Safety of your number (You may Protect your number by registering. Logs will be cleared after seven days you require to do register again)
  • Ensure the Update within the app.

Download BOMBitUP for Android

  1. Download APK File 
  2. You need to allow your android phone and install apps from the “unknown sources”. So go the settings menu and select security. And you select the “unknown sources” option.
  3. Locate the downloaded BOMBitUP Apk file on your device. Open the Downloaded file using file manager on your device.
  4. Install the app on your devices.
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